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Why Us?

Waterproofing continues to be a largely disorganized field handled mostly by non professional contractors.
We at Build Care are making a humble effort towards contributing to establishing credibility and professionalism in this field.
We have waterproofing solutions for almost all types of situations of building waterproofing. We have high quality waterproofing systems based on eco-friendly green systems. Build Care team has hands on experience in almost all aspects of waterproofing jobs, be it basement waterproofing, expansion joint sealing, sealing of concrete joints, terrace/ roof waterproofing, terrace garden waterproofing both in new construction as well as in rectification jobs. Rising dampness in walls leading to efflorescence or ‘shora’ on the walls is a problem which affects many buildings. We not only have effective waterproofing solutions for waterproofing of concrete walls in the basements but can also handle the waterproofing of brick walls affected by dampness. We at Build Care believe that the customer is best served by in-depth experience and low overheads. Our endeavour always is to provide high quality job at a reasonable price.
If you have a waterproofing problem, you can rest assured that you are hiring a competent, experienced and reputed company when you engage the services of Build Care. Over the years, we have encountered almost every type of waterproofing problem and have effectively handled each situation. So, even though your problem may not be listed, we undoubtedly have the expertise to handle it.