• Avoid puncturing the RCC slabs for the split AC pipes/ wires.
  • Do not use thermocole for over-deck (on top of RCC slab) insulation.
  • Do not use GI pipes for drainage of waste water.
  • Never use Brick walls as a substitute for RCC walls in basements.
  • 11/2 inch or 40 mm thick DPC is not effective. Provide 9 inch (230mm) continuous RCC beams at DPC level. Do not plaster this beam.
  • Never plaster the parapet walls before waterproofing job.
  • Avoid laying of Stones/Tiles in exposed areas with their joints butted to each other. Instead, use spacers to leave a gap of 3-4 mm between adjacent Stone/Tiles.
  • Do not allow the civil contractor to hide the honey-combed areas with mortar in case of basements. These areas may need special waterproofing treatment.
  • Do not plaster the walls of the water tank from inside before getting it waterproofed.

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