• Minimum grade of concrete should be M 20 (1: 11/2: 3). Leaner mixes are prohibited by the ‘BIS Codes’.
  • Minimum thickness of any RCC work should be 100 mm (4 inches)
  • Effort should be made to maintain water to cement ratio in concrete to a maximum of 0.5
  • Basement walls and base slabs should invariably be of RCC M 20 grade.
  • For toilets ensure use of proper floor traps for drainage.
  • The coving (Gola) between roof slab and parapet wall should be made by the waterproofing contractor. This needs to be made concave in shape with polymer modified mortars after application of proper polymer modified bond coat.
  • Effort should be to do waterproofing of the basements from the outside (positive) face.
  • Rain water trap should always be kept at zero level above the RCC slab.
  • Get all the plumbing activities completed before commencement of waterproofing jobs.

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