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Experience shows that building owners seldom consider the aspect of waterproofing as an integral part of building construction. They generally think of waterproofing only when something goes wrong. Builders also do not advise specialised waterproofing jobs. So the traditional systems keep being used. Technology has made rapid strides and number of new systems (which were hitherto before unknown), are now available in the field of waterproofing and joint sealing. Many ‘DIY’ (Do it yourself) enthusiasts feel, they can handle waterproofing aspect on their own. We are of the humble view that waterproofing is not a DIY job. It involves use of multiple products and multiple techniques and equipment which are not normally available to a DIY enthusiast.

We are of the view that the waterproofing agency should be consulted as early as possible. The earliest stage could be before laying the DPC of the building or starting the excavation for a basement. The stages which need active involvement of the Waterproofing contractor are covered under ‘Waterproofing Jobs’ and ‘Specialised Jobs’. Early finalization of the Waterproofing Contractor would help understanding of the various aspects involved at different stages. This very often saves infructuous effort and expenditure at all stages.

Specifications: Though the specifications for any job fall in the domain of the Architect or the Consultant for the job, but still the need is often felt at many sites where in we have had to advise the customer about certain basic specifications. These are being listed in the form of “Do’s & Don’t’s” so that our prospective customers know the basic specifications needed for carrying out effective waterproofing jobs.

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