Our Philosophy

We do not manufacture any material but we also do not patronize any single company/ manufacturer because we firmly believe that no company has the complete, effective range of products to suit every situation. We use high quality branded products in all our works. We aim at providing high quality service to our clients and when using any product for a particular area we cater for:

  1. Green Technology
  2. Building movements
  3. Eco Friendly materials
  4. Breathable Systems
  5. Seamless product application
  6. Resistance to cleaning agents and detergents
  7. Thermal & Elastic compatibility
  8. Bonding with the base
  9. Lightweight materials
  10. Cost effectiveness

Depending upon the above considerations, we use low irritant, chemically resistant, cold applied water based treatments and thermodynamically stable Micro Emulsions based on the principles of impregnation, repellency, crystallisation (porosity reduction). All our treatments are breathable, elastomeric generally non cementitious with high flexibility cum elongation properties and are compatible to the surface being treated. For joint sealing we have special Multi Component Polyester Resins Reinforced Systems and Traffic Grade Sealants.

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