Due to a wide range of areas that need to be treated for water damage, we at Build Care believe, you need the right product for the job. Using the same product on varying surfaces can sometimes provide little or no benefit when it comes to water damage and in some cases actually directly damage the area being treated.

We recognize that each waterproofing situation is unique and “one-of-a-kind” problem to be solved. We do not believe in the “One product or one technique suits all” philosophy.

One system which may excel in a particular scenario may fail miserably in another. Thus, we offer customized solutions based on our evaluation of the entire situation.

We also do not promote/ recommend use of Brick Bat Coba. Though this system for waterproofing cum insulation of the terrace is popular among builders and architects; but still the system leads to roof leakages.  This is because it is very heavy, not suitable from earthquake considerations and is prone to cracking, leading to leakage with change in temperatures. However, in situations where it has been provided and is leaking, we have systems to set the leakage right without removing it.

Though we have expertise in dealing with surfaces already treated with bitumen, but as a matter of principle we do not use bitumen based products because they are:

  • Not Compatible to most building materials
  • NotBreathable
  • Not Resistant to UV Rays
  • Difficult to apply due to viscosity
  • Prone to wrinkles & folds
  • Difficult to remove hence have to be chipped off
  • Prone to Blistering & Peeling

We employ a wide range of techniques when it comes to treating any areas requiring waterproofing. Our approach is based on:

  • Proper Diagnosis: We do not believe in preconceived ideas. We identify problem areas:We understand that there are a number of vulnerable points in a building, like slab/ parapet junctions, pipe inserts, joints, cracks, and temperature variations which need to be given special attention. We look into all such aspects and have developed a number of techniques to handle the same. If need be, our highly qualified in house technical consultant carries out an in depth analysis of the situation and recommends tailor made solutions.
  • Use of Eco Friendly & Green Systems: We use eco friendly, breathable, non toxic, non polluting and non hazardous systems for waterproofing. We do not believe in using impervious membranes, based on scarce petroleum derivatives. All our systems are cold applied. So you will have a smoke free site devoid of fire hazards if you engage Build Care.

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