Flat Roofs – Properly proportioned, mixed and well compacted concrete is expected to be impervious. However, our ground conditions are far from ideal. There is hardly any control on the quantity of water i.e. the water-cement ratio, the proportions & compaction of concrete. Such a scenario, coupled with improper slopes or drainage systems, causes roofs to leak, especially during monsoons.

Balconies and Chhajja Projections – There is a popular belief that balconies and projections do not need to be waterproofed as they have a cover. Our experience is that such locations are prone to leakage due to the rain splashing from the open side and also due to the water entering through the junction of walls and projected slabs.

Apart from newly laid roofs, we also have solutions for old terraces covered with brick tiles, mosaic, terrazzo, kota stone, marble etc.

In most situations, we can waterproof the surface without disturbing the existing treatment.

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